Our Las Vegas Branch

Our Las Vegas Branch

Trust the Problem Solvers

Updated Oct 15, 2021

You’re trustworthy and you’re dependable. That’s why people come to you with their problems. In fact, we’d go so far as to call you a Problem Solver. However, who do you go to with your problems? That’s where we come in. At Sierra Pacific, we’re the Problem Solvers FOR the Problem Solvers. The best part? We’re solving your problems in your neighborhood. Come see us at our new branch located at 8350 South Durango Drive Las Vegas, NV 89113. Depend on us so others can keep depending on you.

While this location is more convenient for many members, Sierra has several alternatives ready for those who don’t live or work in the area.

Online and Mobile Banking allow members to perform most banking tasks, all from their computer, phone, or other device.

Shared Branching and Co-Op ATMs are located throughout Las Vegas, and allow members to access accounts, make payments, and deposit or withdraw cash from their Sierra accounts.

Give Us A Call! The Sierra team can help you perform most tasks over the phone, and save you a trip. Our phone number hasn’t changed, you can still reach us at (702) 876-7229