5 Easy Ways to Save for the Holidays in Just 4 Weeks

When it comes to holiday planning, lists are long and time is short. If you’re one of those mythical people who has already finished your Christmas shopping, this article may not pertain to you. But you can still share it with the normal people in your life…that’s right, you prepared people are the weird ones. […]

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Black and white inside of mall

Holiday Shopping Hacks: Your Black Friday Survival Guide

Judging from the massive marketing blitz and predictable purchasing frenzy, one could make the argument that Black Friday is a holiday all its own. But despite the fact that we all have that one friend who feels like it’s perfectly acceptable to listen to Christmas music as soon as Halloween is over (it’s not ok—but […]

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5 Steps to Set Yourself Up for Cyber Monday Success

Everyone knows about Black Friday. With its midnight madness and jaw-dropping promotions, Black Friday became a can’t-miss event! For decades, it was the day for shoppers to find the best deals of the Christmas shopping season. But then, just as it’s done with virtually everything else in our lives, the Internet changed the face of […]

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Mother and two children carving pumpkins

Three Simple Suggestions for a Budget-Friendly Halloween

Think back to when you were a kid. What was your favorite thing about Halloween? Was it the costumes? The candy? The spooky decorations around your neighborhood? All the above? Now, think about your little ones. Which Halloween traditions excite them most? There’s a pretty good chance they love the same things you did. That […]

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9 Things to Remember When Using Your First Credit Card

Getting your first credit card is a significant financial milestone. After sorting through an endless array of program options and promotional offers, you made your choice, filled out the application, and saw those two magic words: You’re approved! After the initial excitement wears off, it’s important to remember that just like your first car, your […]

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Couple walking on a lake shoreline

Rates Are On The Rise!

Our rates have gone up 25-150%! If you’ve been looking for a way to make some passive income, now is the time to invest your money. All you have to do is open up a new Money Market account, sit back and watch your money grow! Whether you’ve got $1,000, $150,000 or something in between, […]

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Excellent Credit Score concept. Chalkboard on wooden office desk

Fact vs. Fiction: What Really Impacts Your Credit Score?

When it comes to credit scores, it can seem like everyone’s an expert. Ask a random group of people what factors affect your score the most, and you’ll likely get a different response from each person. And the most frustrating part is they’ll probably all be right—and wrong. Credit scores are calculated based on a […]

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Young african american woman waitress taking orders from clients in cafe

Clear Up Your Tipping Confusion

Tipping. Conversation about the topic can spark lengthy debates with opinions ranging from staunch support to extreme opposition. Some consumers appreciate the opportunity to reward members of the service industry for a job well done. Others feel the practice places an unfair expectation on the patron, inflates the overall cost of goods or services, and […]

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Young man in a beanie with phone celebrates

Extra Credit: Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Guest Post from America Saves Do you know your credit score? People who check their credit score regularly are more likely to understand how scoring works than those who don’t, according to a new survey released by the Consumer Federation of America and VantageScore. The survey also revealed that the number of people who have checked their […]

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Classic Red Car

Hot August Nights with Sierra Pacific!

We are thrilled to be a sponsor for this year’s Hot August Nights Classic Car Festival in Reno, Nevada! This year’s event takes place August 7-12. In celebration, we will be giving away an official 2018 Hot August Nights poster and a set of tickets to Autocross and Drifting on our Facebook page! All you have to do […]

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