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Rates Are On The Rise!

Our rates have gone up 25-150%! If you’ve been looking for a way to make some passive income, now is the time to invest your money. All you have to do is open up a new Money Market account, sit back and watch your money grow! Whether you’ve got $1,000, $150,000 or something in between, […]

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Excellent Credit Score concept. Chalkboard on wooden office desk

Fact vs. Fiction: What Really Impacts Your Credit Score?

When it comes to credit scores, it can seem like everyone’s an expert. Ask a random group of people what factors affect your score the most, and you’ll likely get a different response from each person. And the most frustrating part is they’ll probably all be right—and wrong. Credit scores are calculated based on a […]

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Young african american woman waitress taking orders from clients in cafe

Clear Up Your Tipping Confusion

Tipping. Conversation about the topic can spark lengthy debates with opinions ranging from staunch support to extreme opposition. Some consumers appreciate the opportunity to reward members of the service industry for a job well done. Others feel the practice places an unfair expectation on the patron, inflates the overall cost of goods or services, and […]

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Extra Credit: Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Guest Post from America Saves Do you know your credit score? People who check their credit score regularly are more likely to understand how scoring works than those who don’t, according to a new survey released by the Consumer Federation of America and VantageScore. The survey also revealed that the number of people who have checked their […]

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Classic Red Car

Hot August Nights with Sierra Pacific!

We are thrilled to be a sponsor for this year’s Hot August Nights Classic Car Festival in Reno, Nevada! This year’s event takes place August 7-12. In celebration, we will be giving away an official 2018 Hot August Nights poster and a set of tickets to Autocross and Drifting on our Facebook page! All you have to do […]

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Signal dish in front of a starry, colorful sky

Business Spotlight – EM Research

EM Research is a Reno company with a BIG footprint. They’ve grown from a two-man consulting firm to a 50+ employee high-tech manufacturer. EM Research creates top-of-the-line signal sources for customers around the world, including Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins, Google, Boeing, and even NASA. We’re proud to spotlight this exciting local business. Great work, EM […]

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Maxwell Mechanical Logo

Business Highlight – Maxwell Mechanical

Here at Sierra Pacific, we are proud to know and work with some of the amazing small businesses that make our communities thrive. Today, we’re highlighting one of them: Maxwell Mechanical. Maxwell Mechanical LLC was started by Matt Maxwell in August of 2015. They offer full-service design, construction, and maintenance of HVAC systems. Their in-house ability to design […]

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Lemonade stand

Teach Your Kids to Make a Stand—a Lemonade Stand.

Long before Beyoncé transformed it into a cultural touchpoint, lemonade was the commodity of choice for childhood business ventures. Perhaps you had a lemonade stand of your own, or maybe you just knew someone who did. Either way, the memories of ice-cold refreshment probably ride on a warm wave of nostalgia. If your enterprise was […]

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5 Staycation Ideas to Save Your Summer

Let’s face it; summer looks a lot different than it did when you were a kid. You used to spend the entire school year counting down the days until the carefree fun of summer vacation. But now that you’re a responsible adult with a grown-up job, summer just means your daily work commute is hotter […]

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5 Ways to Throw a 4th of July Blast on a Budget

Like the rockets responsible for the legendary red glare, 4th of July business is booming! According to a National Retail Federation report, Americans spent more than $7 billion on Independence Day celebrations last year. That figure is pretty steep—especially when you consider that American only spent $151 million (approximately $2.4 billion when adjusted for current […]

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