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We Made Summer A Little Sweeter

From your checking account stash to your Money Market retirement funds, every Sierra Pacific deposit account earned twice as much in June dividends. Go ahead, check your statement. We doubled already high rates to say thank you and give you a little boost for the summer. Thank you for your membership, your loyalty, and your [...]

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Home Equity Loan vs. HELOC: Which Is Right For You?

Home Equity Loan versus a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) — two financial solutions that sound very similar yet have very different pros, cons, and considerations. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Allow us to give you the breakdown!   How are they similar?   Home Equity Loans and [...]

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What’s The Buzz on NFTs?

If you’ve spent any time online or watching TV over the past year, you’ve probably been inundated with a slew of advertisements promoting “non-fungible tokens,” more commonly known as NFTs. But despite the hype, excitement, and celebrity endorsement surrounding the industry, many still don’t quite understand what an NFT even is, let alone how they [...]

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Credit Unions: Improving Financial Situations Nationwide

Did you know, a recent survey reported that 44% of the 2,500 responders said that being a member of a credit union has had a “very positive” impact on their financial situation? Compare this to the only 29% who said being a part of a big bank has had the same positive impact. These results [...]

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What’s the Deal with Debt Consolidation?

Have you heard the term “debt consolidation” tossed around? It sounds both intimidating and interesting. A way to simplify your debt and monthly payments? Perfect! But debt consolidation isn’t for everyone, especially if you don’t want to rush into something that isn’t right for your finances.   Luckily for you, we’ve outlined the basics of [...]

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We’re Not Fueling Around

More than just getting us from Point A to Point B, sometimes driving can just be pure fun. Whether hugging the curves of a mountain road or simply taking a scenic drive, our cars can be havens for insightful conversations and introspective revelations. But, have you seen gas prices lately? They are through the roof! [...]

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How the Nevada Attorney General’s Office Helps Fight Fraud

The Nevada Attorney General’s office oversees the Bureau of Consumer Protection, whose primary focus is on fighting fraud in the Silver State. The Bureau of Consumer Protection is a great local source for scam prevention and support.  From keeping Nevadans educated and up-to-date on scams to working with individuals and businesses after fraud takes place, […]

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Do you have Unclaimed Funds at the State Treasury?

At the time of this writing, Nevada’s State Treasurer is holding onto over $940 MILLION in unclaimed property. Arizona has over $1.8 BILLION. In fact, every state in the U.S. has millions to billions of their citizen’s money held in trust–and some of it could be yours. Read on to learn about unclaimed property, escheated […]

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Cooking Up Some Fun

Have you ever seen a cooking show and thought, "I could do that if only I had the equipment?" Well, here's your chance! While you're discussing the latest episode of Iron Chef or Top Chef with your family and friends, pepper in some information about Sierra Pacific. Tell them we've got all the ingredients they [...]

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Get Away Today! – Your Summer Vacation Sorted

As a Sierra Pacific member, you're entitled to perks and getting saving on a vacation is just one of them! Click the button below to find incredible savings on Disneyland, Universal, and so many more great destinations! Who said a vacation had to break the bank? Get Your Getaway!

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