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Digital Wallet

Leave Your Wallet At Home Your wallet is one less thing to worry about this season. Whether you're eating out, running errands, or purchasing presents for loved ones, this is the year you put away the plastic and pay a different way. When you add your Sierra Pacific debit card to any digital wallet, you [...]

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Budgeting for Healthcare Costs

It’s open enrollment season, and most of us are thinking about the best healthcare option for us in 2020. Only one thing is certain when it comes to healthcare: the cost for us to stay healthy is constantly increasing. When it comes time to choose a plan, there are multiple factors to consider so you […]

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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Halloween is almost here and that means your time to find a costume is limited. If you are like many Americans, a Halloween costume is something that seems to slip to the bottom of the list every year. Whether you are putting together a last-minute fix for your kid or a low-key costume for the […]

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Handling the Cost of Education: 2 Sides to Every Coin

On average, college students who physically attend college will leave their school $18,000 in the hole. That’s a $5,000 jump compared to the generation before, who averaged $13,000 of student loan debt after graduating in 2004. While this number is troubling, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. With seemingly no sign that this trend […]

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Holiday Skip-a-Pay

Put the money back in your wallet. As a Sierra Pacific FCU member, you have the ability to free up some funds for the holiday season when you skip a loan payment. This time of year can be financially overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s always nice knowing that someone has your back. […]

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Make Your Money Work for You

Every day you hustle. Nose to the grindstone getting through the workday. You’re working hard for your money, but have you ever stopped to think about how your money can work for you? Making your money work for you goes beyond having an emergency fund or simply being debt-free – although, both are good places […]

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Don’t Let High APR’s Hold You Hostage

Actor Hill Harper said it perfectly: “Credit card interest payments are the dumbest money of all.” This year wasn’t kind to credit cardholders’ wallets. In 2019, cardholders paid an average of 17% APR – the highest level recorded by the Federal Reserve since 1994. To put it into perspective: in 2009, the average APR registered […]

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credit card

4 Hacks to Raise Your Credit Score

Your credit score. Chances are you either love it or hate it. It’s either the greatest thing in the world or a total hindrance. Or, maybe you don’t really know enough about your credit score for it to make an impact on your life. As a whole, Americans’ credit scores are beginning to increase but […]

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How to Prepare for the Unexpected Expense

We can’t avoid unexpected expenses. Life happens. Question is, how prepared are you to deal with life’s unexpected curveballs? There’s no way to predict when life will happen. One minute you’re looking at a little extra money in the budget and feeling good about the small surplus. The next minute your new puppy swallows part […]

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reverse mortgage

A Look at Reverse Mortgages

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You? Reverse mortgages. Depending on your circumstances, choosing between a reverse mortgage or another option can be easy or difficult. Most of us have heard about reverse mortgages, but few know how they work. “If you haven’t saved as much as you thought by a certain time, or your […]

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