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Online Banking

No need to stop by the branch. You can monitor and control all of your Sierra accounts and loans online, 24/7.

Manage Your Money

Monitor balances and transactions, transfer between accounts, use Sierra accounts to make your loan payments, and set e-alerts to stay up-to-date on account activity.

Bill Pay

Monitor, schedule, pay, and control all of your bills from one place. Once you enroll in Bill Pay, you can access this feature within your online and mobile banking.

Card Control

Easily turn pause, un-pause, or stop your debit and credit cards if they are lost or stolen. This feature is available in onine banking, or call your branch for help.

Apply for a Loan

Apply for a new loan from within online or mobile banking and enjoy an easier application process. Once you have your information gathered, this process takes just 10-15 minutes.

Mobile Banking

Access the features of online banking, plus a few more, from anywhere on your mobile device. Simply download the Sierra Pacific Federal Credit Union mobile app from your device’s app store, and log in to get started.

Remote Check Deposit

Deposit your checks from anywhere. Once enrolled, you’ll be able to access this feature in your Mobile Banking menu.

Find a Branch or ATM

You have access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide through our Co-Op network. You can also use about 5,000 credit union branches across the country to access your Sierra Pacific accounts. Find the ATMs and Shared Branches near you easily in our mobile app.

Online Payments

Online Banking Transfers*

Move money between Sierra and other accounts for free, any time, using the “Transfers” function in online banking.

  • One-time or Scheduled Transfers
  • Transfer to and from external bank accounts
  • No transaction fees

Online Payment Portal

If you’re in a hurry or want to make payments with an external debit card, the Payment Portal is for you.

  • One-Time or Scheduled Payments
  • Pay from a Debit Card or Bank Account
  • Use Express Pay or Create an Account
  • $4.95 fee per transaction 

*You must be a Sierra member for 30+ days to access this feature. There is a 2-day waiting period between adding and verifying any external account during which the account will not be available for transfers. There are transaction, daily, and monthly transfer limits to keep your accounts secure.

Digital Wallets

Add your Sierra Pacific Debit and Credit Cards to your device’s digital wallet. Pay with your phone at some retail locations, or make online checkout a breeze.

Other Services

Wire Transfer

Send or receive money between institutions.

There is a fee associated with this service.


Make organization easier by signing up for e-statements. These electronic statements will be sent to your email and available to view in online and mobile banking each month. A safer, cleaner, easier alternative to paper statements.

Find a Branch or ATM

You have access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide through our Co-Op network. You can also use about 5,000 credit union branches across the country to access your Sierra Pacific accounts. Find the ATMs and Shared Branches near you.

Digital Services FAQs

Credit Score by SavvyMoney shows your score, report, and more inside of the Sierra Pacific mobile banking app. If your credit score isn’t working, try these solutions:

  • Update to the latest app version
  • Navigate to the “My Credit Score” option in the main menu and agree to the terms of service

Note that only primary account holders have access to Credit Score. Joint members will not be able to use Credit Score unless they open their own account at Sierra Pacific.

If you still can’t see your credit score in the mobile app, contact SavvyMoney’s support team at

Sierra Pacific Credit Union uses specific lending criteria to make decisions on loan approval, rate, terms, etc. Any loan application submitted to Sierra is subject to our lending policies and may not match the offer, estimated score, or estimated rate or savings presented in SavvyMoney.

If you think some information is wrong or inaccurate, you can obtain a free credit report from and then dispute inaccuracies with each bureau individually. Each bureau has its process for correcting inaccurate information.

Every Sierra Pacific CU user can file a dispute with TransUnion by clicking on the “Dispute” link within the Credit Score tool in online or mobile banking. TransUnion will share this with the other bureaus if the inaccuracy is verified. Members should check with each institution to confirm the innaccuracy has been fixed.

Sierra’s Credit Score widget in online and mobile banking updates automatically every 7 days. You can choose to refresh your score up to every 24 hours to see your latest score.

No. Your current credit score, report, and all other tools in the SavvyMoney widget in online and mobile banking can be viewed, used, and updated without impacting your credit score. SavvyMoney uses a soft pull to update your credit score information, which doesn’t hurt your score, no matter how often you update it.

No. Sierra Pacific provides this resource for FREE to all members enrolled in online banking.

Credit Score by SavvyMoney is a free service that we are now providing to all members of Sierra Pacific Federal Credit Union through your online or mobile banking account. Using SavvyMoney will have no impact on your score. It provides all members a free look at their current score, credit report, and ways to improve their score.

SavvyMoney includes additional features including:

  • Score simulator: see how certain actions might impact your score
  • Credit score goals: set a goal and get tips and reminders automatically
  • Personalized offers – see how much a refinance or balance transfer can save you over time before applying
  • Financial education – articles and resources to help you build YOUR money savvy

Credit Score by SavvyMoney is a free service that we are now providing to all members of Sierra Pacific Federal Credit Union, and using Credit Score will have no impact on your score.


If you decide that you don’t want to use this service, there are three ways that you can turn it off.

  • When entering Credit Score for the first time, a tutorial banner will be displayed. On the final page of the tutorial, you will see text that says, “Turn it off or on at any time”.  Click on this text and you will be taken to a page that allows you to turn Credit Score off.
  • Additionally, you can turn off Credit Score in the Welcome Email that you will receive on the date of enrollment. At the bottom of the email, you will see a button, “Turn off Credit Score”, and selecting this will turn it off.
  • The final way to turn off Credit Score is within the tool itself. Log into online or mobile banking and click on your credit score widget. Select the “Resources” tab on the navigation bar. Then select the “View Now” button under Profile Settings and finally select “Deactivate Credit Score Account” at the bottom of this page.

You will not be automatically enrolled once you cancel this service. If at any point you would like to re-enroll, the Credit Score widget will be available for you to opt back in.


Nothing. Our website, online banking links and logins, and all other member access are unchanged. All you need to do is share your thoughts and spread the word about Sierra.

You can enroll in and access your Bill Pay account through online banking.

  • Login to online banking
  • Open the main menu
  • Find the “Bill Pay” option located under “Services”


Bill Pay,


Payments are sent one of two ways:

  • Electronically via secure transmission. The majority of payments are made this way
  • Mailed as paper checks via the U.S. Postal Service


Bill Pay,


You can pay virtually any business or individual with a mailing address within the United States or Puerto Rico. For example, you can pay utilities, cable bills, credit cards, or individuals such as a landlord, babysitter, or relative.


Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a service that allows you to pay virtually anyone or any company through your online banking account. You determine who you want to pay, when you want to make the payment, and which Sierra Pacific account you want the payment to come from. It’s safe, secure, and easy to use.


Bill Pay

Yes, Sierra’s Bill Pay feature is offered free of charge for all members. You must be enrolled in both Online Banking and Bill Pay to get access.


Bill Pay

The following are our online banking supported browsers. We recommend using the most current version of your chosen browser for the best and most secure experience.

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11+ or Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari 9+

Sierra Pacific members can enroll in online banking to access their accounts remotely.

Members can enroll online, download mobile banking, sign up for Mobile Deposit and Bill Pay, and find online banking help here.

Explore online payments, digital wallets, e-statements, and ATM locators here. 

You can apply for all personal loans and credit cards online.

Click here to apply for a Mortgage

Click here to apply for all other personal loans and credit cards

Or find loan applications inside your online or mobile banking account

We have remote signing options available. Please discuss this with your loan officer or contact a branch for more information.

To apply for a loan online, click here. 

We are monitoring the evolving situation and will continue to change and improve operations to keep members and employees safe while maintaining a high level of service and security.

All branches are thoroughly cleaned each day. Hand sanitizer is available for staff and visitors, and staff are following health guidelines.

Our Saint Mary’s branch has been temporarily closed beginning March 23rd for 30 days or as appropriate. This branch’s small size does not allow for social distancing, and the hospital location puts members and staff at greater risk. Our Saint Mary’s staff are operating out of the Mill Street branch during this closure and can be contacted at 775.857.2424.

All other branches are operating with reduced lobby hours, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday to Friday. These branches are open for phone or email assistance during normal operating hours.

We encourage all members to use online and mobile banking options as an alternative to visiting a branch. Most banking transactions can be completed online for free, and we are temporarily waiving fees on the few remote services we do normally charge for. You can explore these options, enroll, and get help with digital banking here.

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