Dec 4th, 2018

This morning a hacker gained access to the email account of Megan Mathias, a Sierra Pacific employee. The hacker sent emails under Megan’s name to some of her contacts. DO NOT OPEN THIS EMAIL. DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS. It is a phishing attempt and may compromise your computer security and personal information.

We regained control of the email in question and are taking steps to further investigate and prevent future issues.

Again, this was a hack of one employee’s email account, not our internal banking system. The majority of member’s personal information and all banking and social security numbers are unaffected.

If you have clicked on an email from Megan Mathias this morning, you should take the following steps to limit potential damage:

  • Run your computer’s security software checks
  • Change your email password

Please remember to be cautious with unexpected emails and phone calls. Do not click links or attachments you aren’t expecting. Do not give personal information to unverified callers or contacts. Do not let “limited time” notices or threats of negative action trick you into acting without verifying.

We take security concerns very seriously and are taking steps to investigate and prevent future issues. We apologize for any harm this hacker may have caused.

Fraud Phone Calls

FRAUD ALERT 10.16.2018

Fraudsters claiming to be the Sierra Pacific Fraud or Customer Service Department are calling members and asking for personal information, including PINs. These are not legitimate Sierra Pacific calls.

Please be advised:

  • When calling members, Sierra Pacific will never ask for personal information.
  • We do not have access to your PIN and will never ask you for it
  • Our real Fraud Department will use one of these numbers when calling members, and will never ask for your PIN or personal information:
    • Representative: 888-241-2440
    • Automated: 877-276-3721

If you receive a call asking for personal information, your PIN, and/or claiming to be a department of Sierra Pacific FCU, please inform the credit union immediately and do not give up any information.

Contact your branch or call our main line at 775.834.4579.

Find more tips on identifying and dealing with fraud calls here:

EMV Chip Cards

Activating Your EMV Chip Card

After getting your new EMV Chip Debit Card in the mail, you’ll need to activate it as soon as possible. Follow these steps to activate:

  1. Call (800)466-0040 toll-free within 90 days of the card issue date from the home phone number we have on file with the credit union.
  2. Have the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number ready for authentication, and enter them when prompted.

Calling from a different phone number:

  1. Follow prompts to enter the last 4 of your ss#
  2. You will be transferred to a call center where you will be asked to provide your home phone verbally.

Receiving Your PIN

You will receive a PIN mailer two to three days after your card. The PIN mailer will include the pre-assigned PIN associated with your card and a reference number. You’ll need this reference number for future PIN changes, so keep track of it.

Changing Your PIN

If you’d like to change your PIN, you’ll need the reference number from your original PIN mailer. Call 800-503-9249 and follow prompts to update your PIN.

Can’t find your reference number or original PIN Mailer? Give us a call, we’ll issue you a new one.

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