Save Up for What Matters

Club Accounts with Sierra Pacific help you save up for the holidays, vacation, wedding bells, or any other goal.

Avoid leaning on your credit card, and stay away from payday loans.

Save a bit of each paycheck automatically, and earn interest while you save.


Give your branch a call, or stop by to open your club account.

Not a member? Your can join online! Click here.

Girl and grandma eating Christmas cookies on the floor

Christmas Club

Start saving up now for all those shiny presents, big meals, decorations, and travel expenses! Your Christmas Club funds won’t be released until November 1st, so they are safe from impulse purchases and will be ready and waiting this Holiday Season.

Vacation Club

It’s one thing to dream of an amazing summer vacation. It’s another thing to save up and actually go! Our Vacation Club helps you make the trip a reality without going into debt. Make contributions all year and withdraw your vacation funds when you’re ready to roll.

Happy family having fun at the beach

Auxiliary Account

Saving up for something else? An anniversary gift? A hunting trip for the guys? A big night out? A wedding ring? Whatever your goals, an Auxiliary Account can help you save up for them.

Give your branch a call, or stop by to open your club account.

Not a member? Your can join online! Click here.

Club Account Rates

Last Updated: September 30, 2019, 9:15 am

TypeDividend RateAPYConditions
Christmas Club0.2000%*0.2000%Funds Released Nov. 1st
Vacation Club0.2000%*0.2000%
Auxiliary Account0.1500%*0.1500%Up to $9,999. Rate increases at $10,000

Regular share desposits are the basic instruments of share ownership. Regular shares pay a cash dividend, which is declared monthly. Dividends are calculated based on daily balances, and are paid the last day of the month in which the dividend was earned.

Value: Dividend interest paid is consistently higher than liquid savings instruments at banks and savings and loans. SPFCU has even consistently paid higher dividends than many money market funds and one year CDs.

Security: Each savings account is insured for $250,000 through the Federal National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Plus, we have excess shares insurance which covers you up to an additional $250,000.

Deposits and Withdrawals: Unlike many other institutions, deposits are normally available the moment they are deposited. Withdrawals from savings and investment instruments can be made any business day up until 5:00 P.M. Funds can be picked up, mailed, or for the direct cost - be sent overnight delivery.

*Annual Percentage Yield

Rates are subject to change and may change once the account has been opened. The rates listed are accurate as of the date specified above.

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