Buy This, Not That: 5 Things It’s Ok To Cut Costs On

Brand recognition. We all fall victim to this marketing ploy. Companies spend a lot of money on serving you the perfect ads to make you crave the “best of the best”. But sometimes those best of the best brands come with a higher price tag, and little to show for it.   We know it [...]

5 Steps to Prepare Financially for a Divorce

Divorce is stressful, and it is expensive. For those who are contemplating or already in the midst of a divorce, understanding the financial implications and being prepared are vital steps to getting through the process with your feet still beneath you.   We pulled together five key steps to help you prepare your finances for [...]

Tax Returns: Everything You Need to Know in 7 Steps

Tax Returns: Everything You Need to Know in 7 Steps   Tax returns are an essential part of every individual’s financial life. It is the process of submitting information about your income, deductions, and credits to the government to calculate the amount of taxes owed or refund due.   Here is a step-by-step guide to [...]

A Letter from Sierra’s New President

It is with great honor that I take on the role of President and CEO of Sierra Pacific Credit Union. After over 20 years spent dedicated to Sierra’s members – first as a teller, later as Director of Operations and Chief Information Security Officer, and most recently as Vice President – I’m incredibly energized by [...]

Put the Pedal to the Metal

If you purchased a vehicle in 2022, chances are you may have noticed that prices were up for both new and used cars. Sure, you love your new set of wheels...but do you love your payment? If you answered, "no", and we're betting you did, put the pedal to the metal and come to Sierra [...]

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