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Cooking Up Some Fun

Have you ever seen a cooking show and thought, "I could do that if only I had the equipment?" Well, here's your chance! While you're discussing the latest episode of Iron Chef or Top Chef with your family and friends, pepper in some information about Sierra Pacific. Tell them we've got all the ingredients they [...]
Get Away Today! – Your Summer Vacation Sorted

Get Away Today! – Your Summer Vacation Sorted

As a Sierra Pacific member, you're entitled to perks and getting saving on a vacation is just one of them! Click the button below to find incredible savings on Disneyland, Universal, and so many more great destinations! Who said a vacation had to break the bank? Get Your Getaway!
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Tips for Teaching Kids About Money

There are plenty of skills in life that are learned the hard way. Money management doesn’t have to be one of them! Unfortunately, we can all reflect upon a time when a credit card balance seemed out of control, a large purchase we made felt coerced, or when we asked ourselves that age-old question, "where [...]
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Phoenix Branch Closed April 13th-15th

Sierra's Phoenix branch will be closed for business from Wednesday, April 13th to Friday, April 15th. Please use these resources to help with your banking needs during this closure. Contact Sierra Pacific Our other branches are open for normal hours, and our team is here to help you over the phone. Give us a call [...]
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Charge Your Future

There are all sorts of passengers in life, from your furry co-pilot to the backseat driver, they all bring their own flavor to any drive you take. However, Sierra Pacific aims to be your passenger for a more sustainable future. You care about the environment, and we care about you. That's why we're inviting you [...]
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Come To Life

Roll down your window and let in some fresh air. While you're at it, let in a fresh rate. That's right, at Sierra Pacific, we're inviting you to earn 1.00% cash back when you refinance your auto with us, that's up to $300! The thrilling feel of the wind in your hair? It's a similar [...]
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High Adrenaline, Low Rate

Are you competitive? Like, REALLY competitive? You can turn anything into a sport and we're right there with you. At Sierra Pacific, we're turning savings into a sport by giving you 1.00% cash back when you refinance your auto with us! That's up to $300!* Yeah, that's something you can brag about to your friends. [...]

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