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Second Stimulus Check: What to Expect | Sierra Pacific FCU

Second Stimulus Check: What to Expect


The second round of stimulus checks are on their way, thanks to the Dec. 27 signing of the COVID-Related Tax Relief Act of 2020. There were, however, a lot of different amounts and restrictions thrown around during the negotiations. As a result, there are still a lot of questions about these new stimulus checks.


At the top of the list:  How much will I get? And when will I get it?


Here’s a few answers to questions you may have:


Question: When will I get my second stimulus check?


Answer: Soon! The IRS has already started sending out $600 payments. If the amount is later raised to $2,000, anyone who has already received a $600 second stimulus check will be sent another payment as quickly as possible for the additional amount they are owed.


If the IRS already has your bank account information – either from a recent tax payment that you made or from a tax refund it sent you previously – then expect to get your second stimulus check faster. That’s because the IRS will be able to directly deposit the payment into your bank account.


The IRS can also make a second stimulus payment to a Direct Express debit card account, a U.S. Debit Card account, or other Treasury-sponsored account. Otherwise, you’ll get a paper check in the mail.


Question: How much money will I get?


Answer: Right now, you’d get $600. People who made more than $75,000 would get less. Children under 17 would get $600. Therefore, the most a family of four could get is $2,400. The amount will be based on the income you claimed on your 2019 tax return.


Question: Will I have to pay taxes on it?


Answer: No.


If you’re wondering when you can expect your stimulus funds, please CLICK HERE. This will take you directly to the IRS website where you can check your payment status.


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