person at a gas pump with his car

We’re Not Fueling Around

More than just getting us from Point A to Point B, sometimes driving can just be pure fun. Whether hugging the curves of a mountain road or simply taking a scenic drive, our cars can be havens for insightful conversations and introspective revelations.

But, have you seen gas prices lately? They are through the roof! That’s why we’re not feuling around this summer.

When you finance or refinance your auto or recreation loan with Sierra Pacific, you’ll not only get 1% cash back†, but you’ll also get a $100 gas card*.

So, don’t be afraid of the pump, embrace it!

*Each auto loan will be eligible for a $100 gas card. Gift card will be sent within 1 month of funding. An alternate cash prize of $100 deposited in the member’s Sierra Pacific FCU account is available. Loans acquired from a point of sale retailer such as an auto dealer are not eligible for this promotion. †Rates are based on credit history and may change without notice. Additional lending policies may apply. 1% cashback with a maximum value of $300. This offer does not apply to loans currently financed with Sierra Pacific Federal Credit Union. Fees and charges may apply. Membership Eligibility Required. See credit union for details. Federally insured by NCUA.