What happens to a dormant account?

What happens to a dormant account?

If an account has no significant activity for one year or more — including deposits, withdrawals, payments, and other member-initiated activity — then the account becomes dormant. Sierra attempts to contact account holders through email, phone, and sometimes through the address on file.

If the account resumes activity with a deposit, withdrawal, or other activity, then it returns to active status.

If the account remains inactive for two years (24 months), Sierra will begin assessing a $5 monthly service fee. If this and other applicable fees reduce the account balance to $5 or below, the account will be closed.

If the account remains dormant and unclosed for three years, Sierra will escheat it. This means the account is closed, and any remaining funds are sent to the Unclaimed Property Office of the state of the most recent address on file. The state will hold those funds until the owner claims them.

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