Keep Your Cash. Skip A Payment.

We know the holidays come with their share of financial stress. That’s why we offer Holiday Skip-A-Pay on November or December loan payments.

Here’s How it Works:

Click the button above to fill out a Skip-A-Pay request form quickly online, or reach out to your branch.

Eligible Loans

You can skip your November or December payment on any auto, recreational, signature, or credit card loan.

You can skip payments on multiple loans at once.

Auto, recreational, signature, and credit card loan payments may be skipped once per year, and up to twice over the life of the loan*.

A 6-month payment history is required to skip a loan payment.

Skip-A-Pay Fee

There is a $50 fee for each loan payment you skip. This must be paid before we can process your request. You can pay this fee by:

Making an online payment

Choosing to transfer the fee from your checking or savings account

Bringing a check or cash to your branch

Mailing a check to 6100 Neil Rd, Suite 150, Reno, NV 89511


The skipped payment is added to the end of your loan and will extend your loan’s maturity date.

If your loan payment is paid automatically through Payroll Deduction, you may need to come into a branch and/or update your payroll deduction form with your company’s HR department.

The credit union may deny Skip-A-Pay requests at their discretion.


*Skipping more than 2 payments over the life of a loan with GAP insurance may cause some GAP policies to be canceled. Please check your GAP policy before applying.

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