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Holiday Skip-a-Pay

Put the money back in your wallet. As a Sierra Pacific FCU member, you have the ability to free up some funds for the holiday season when you skip a loan payment.

This time of year can be financially overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s always nice knowing that someone has your back. When you skip a November or December loan payment* with us, you can give yourself the gift of a little breathing room.

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*This offer is valid 10/01/2019–12/31/2019. Loans ineligible for skip-a-pay are: commercial loans, credit cards, or lines of credit. Skip-a-pay fee is $50 per payment skipped. Limit of one skipped payment per loan per year, with a limit of two skipped payments for the life of the loan. Skipping more than two payments on a loan with Guaranteed Asset Protection effectively cancels that GAP coverage, and the extension of the loan(s) may not be covered by credit insurance or GAP coverage you may have, 6-month payment history required. Request forms must be submitted at least 10 days before the due date of any loan payment you wish to skip.