Follow our hero Jen as she learns the basics of personal finance from knowledgeable sources like her Grandma, the lunch lady, a talking squirrel, and some weird guy at the bus stop.

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The Latest Video

The 7 Co-Operative Principles

What makes a Credit Union a Credit Union? This random, bus-stop musician has all the answers… in jingle form. You’ll never get it out of your head.

Learn more about credit unions here.

Coming Soon: Compound Interest Mindbend

Sure, you may only have a few bucks to save today, but as this money-savvy street turtle will tell you, a little compound interest goes a long way.

Saving Up

Budgeting Basics

Just because you can’t see the future, doesn’t mean you can’t plan for it. Lola is here to give you the run-down on budget categories.



Emergency Fund Bootcamp

Oh, you think you don’t need an emergency fund? Let’s see what the Major has to say about that.

Emergency funds can back you up through so many of life’s hurdles. Do yourself a favor and set yourself a savings goal to get it started.


Foiling Identity Theft

Identity thieves can grab personal info from your social media, your trash can, your online shopping, and so much more. Learn about what to look out for and the basic steps for protecting yourself.

Credit Scores

Credit Score Basics

Wow, credit scores are confusing! We brought in an expert to show you what your credit score is all about.

Boost Your Credit Score

Credit Squirrel is back, this time with tips on how to build your credit score.

All About the Credit Union

Choosing Your Financial Institution

There are plenty of places to keep your money: under the bed, in the sock drawer, in the piggy bank you got when you were 5… Or in a bank or a credit union. Learn the pros and cons of each option.

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Introducing: It's A Money Thing

Here it is, It’s A Money Thing, the best financial education videos you’ll ever see. Take a gander.

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