Member Support

The COVID-19 Virus has affected many of Sierra’s members and neighbors, and Sierra Pacific is here to help. 

For updates on branch hours and the precautions we are taking, please visit our Coronavirus Updates page.

Skip Your Loan Payment

Sierra is extending a one-time skip-a-pay offer to our members who are facing financial hardship connected to the coronavirus.

Please click below to complete your request form online.

After this form is signed and submitted, we’ll reach out to discuss your request, and to explore other ways Sierra can help.

Skip-A-Pay Details

  • The skipped payment is added to the end of your loan, and will extend your loan’s maturity date.
  • If your loan has GAP Insurance, skipping payments may affect your policy. Please contact your GAP provider to verify continued coverage before submitting this request.
  • The credit union may deny Skip-A-Pay requests at their discretion

Other Options

To discuss other ways Sierra Pacific can help you during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Email: [email protected]

Call: 775.857.2424


Help for Businesses

If you are a business owner affected by coronavirus shutdowns, Sierra has ways to help. Please reach out to discuss your options.

Email: [email protected]

Call: 775.834.4579

Or complete the interst form below:

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