Love Your Checking

Love Your Checking

February 1st-28th We Believe: Great checking accounts should be FREE You should have FREE access to your money, anytime, anywhere …We need to stop killing so many trees So here’s the deal: You open a FREE Share Draft Checking Account with all of these cool features, sign up for FREE online and mobile banking, and […]

Article, Banks versus Credit Unions

Bank or Credit Union: What’s the Difference?

On the surface, banks and credit unions are pretty similar. They both offer plenty of savings accounts, loans, online banking, etc. So what’s the difference? This It’s A Money Thing video highlights some differences. Read on for more details. The Big 3 Credit Unions are Not-For-Profit, Member-Owned, and Co-operative. Banks are… not. Let’s break that down. […]

Introducing: It’s A Money Thing

Introducing: It’s A Money Thing

This February we’re launching It’s A Money Thing, financial education videos that you’ll actually want to watch! These short, animated videos will cover the basics on everything from budgeting and investing to identity theft and credit scores. Tag along with our heroine, Jen, as she learns to navigate the world of personal finance. Catch the […]

Notice of Nominations & Elections

It’s time to submit nominations for the Board of Directors for next year. Any member over the age of 18 and in good standing may request to be nominated or appointed. Board nominations are made by the Nominating Committee to the Board. Committee members are appointed by the board each year. A petition signed by […]

Nevada Road at Sunset Picture

President’s Message: Looking Forward

At the edge of the new year, banks and credit unions of all sizes are deciding which of the many available advancements they’ll choose to move forward with in 2018. The team here at Sierra is making those decisions as well. Any solution we meet has to contribute to our vision of a credit union […]

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